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Turn old into new is easy to say. But various details are to be considered when renovating windows and casement doors.

High-quality plastic windows

When windows are renovated today, plastic windows are installed in most cases. Their multi-chamber systems ensure that the desired high energy values are optimally achieved. High-quality fittings and safety lockings are also of great importance to obtain top-quality windows. To obtain optimum stability and fitting accuracy of the windows far beyond the warranty of 5 years, it is extremely important to incorporate a steel core in the profile frame of the windows. In this respect, it is essential that the steel reinforcements reach the window abutment faces in the corners – custom-made of course, to avoid deformations.

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Since plastic windows are not all the same, the following elements should be kept in mind:

  • wall thickness (at least 3 mm) quality grade RAL-A
  • multi-chamber profiles
  • custom-made steel core
  • mushroom head locking
  • high-quality security fittings
  • self-supporting panes (not glued)
  • made in Germany

What does RAL-A profile mean?
he answer is easy: the wall thickness of the main bars must be at least 3.0 mm. So-called class B merchandise only has a wall thickness of approximately 2.4 mm. This affects your new windows‘ stability and service life significantly.

When making a purchase decision, you should by all means request a confirmation of quality – preferably including the article numbers of the profile manufacturer.

What are the advantages of your new windows?

  • increased protection against burglary
  • improved energy values
  • reduced heating costs
  • increased quality of life and home
  • high UV protection
  • high noise protection
  • improved indoor climate

Our window replacement services include:

  • We assist you if you wish to apply for KFW subsidies for your window replacement.
  • Window replacement without making a mess – after so many years of experience in replacing windows our technicians know how to avoid making a mess at your home.
  • When making appointments, we pay special attention to keeping time, effort and costs for our customers as low as possible.

Thanks to our service team and our installation team trained by experts, we can meet our customers‘ individual demands in the twinkling of an eye.

Competence from one source

We have passionately been dealing with the constantly changing demands on plastic windows for over 45 years. We only use high-quality components in our production department, such as safety fittings, safety glass and mushroom head lockings, which are of course matched with the needs of our customers.

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