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A burglary in one’s home is a dramatic and upsetting experience for all involved. In retrospect, it could have been prevented in most cases, which is even twice as bad.

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Increase your burglary protection
Nowadays, living in the privacy of one’s home is of particular importance. Due to the drastically increasing number of burglaries in private houses and apartments, the standards for burglarproof windows, front doors and roller shutters have risen tremendously. According to statistics, most burglaries happen on the ground floor. The weak points that lead to most burglaries are windows and terrace doors, where burglars simply pry open the standard locking.

How can I protect my home from burglars?

When choosing burglarproof windows, casement doors, front doors and roller shutters, you should keep the following list in mind to increase protection against burglaries significantly:

  • wall thickness quality grade RAL-A
  • safety fittings and mushroom head lockings screwed in place in the closed steel
  • frame profiles with custom-made steel reinforcement
  • safety glass for windows and lockable window handles
  • safety door hinges
  • front doors with automatic locking
  • special mounting for safety windows and doors
  • alarm system with window contact
  • control, regulation and monitoring by modern SmartHome systems
  • safety roller shutters with anti-lift lock

In many cases it is possible to refit your windows, casement doors and roller shutters. If time, effort and costs are too high, it may be more effective to install new components which in addition to increasing protection against burglary also add value to your home, help you save energy and provide more comfort.

Feeling safe and comfortable, and finally sleeping safely again.

Once you have renewed all recommended component parts, your home will meet the latest safety standards again and will be perfectly protected against burglaries.

Thanks to the excellent advice provided by mursall, your new windows not only will be safer but also will add value to your home. Because not only safety but also design and saving energy play a more and more important role these days.

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